The Black Panther is a symbol of Strength, Unity, and Hope

Strength: that even in our weakest moments we forge on

Unit: that even in the face of all conflict, we are one

Hope: that when the future seem bleak, We have a light at the end of the tunnel…


Our Heroes most times don’t come with all the superpowers, but with a will that gears us to be better and strong even when we are frail.

Chadwick… You will always be our very own…



  1. Oh no, the Black Panther guy died. An actor in a pro-CIA propaganda film has left us. Oh noes!!! People die every day. Go visit the little old lady who lives across the street on honor her life, not some random guy you never met and only care about because he’s rich and famous. If he was a garbage man you wouldn’t give a shit. And being an actor doesn’t mean anything, it’s the writers who gave you the story. Which, again, was shit because it’s a PRO-CIA PROPAGANDA FILM


    1. Its easy to say the things you say. However you probably would not understand how battling with cancer is.
      And yes all life matter, recognizing one individual should not be based on how much affluence the person has


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