Journey II

and so it begins…

You tried but I know you’re tired.
Been running but now you ask
why your life’s been wired
To be as tight as a stuffed flask?

I’ll tell you why and how I know.
I see the pain; I see the anger.
Like you, I once longed to glow;
Unlike you, I desire it no longer.

Hopelessness drove me
On the very Path of Perils
Upon which you now journey.
Tread softly, be wary of its tonsils.

Naturally, I could tell you
Not to make the same mistakes
I made. Such advice, from my view
Won’t save you from life’s stakes

Apologies. Do I sound pessimistic?
Do I make you feel the pointlessness
Of it all? I can’t help but be realistic
For I have lived a life fraught with stress.

by Henry Ategie

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