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Examinations can be very unnerving for pupils as they most times experience a rush of blood to the head.

However, the adrenaline experienced by the students who wrote the COMMON ENTRANCE EXAMINATION at ‘Odogunyan Junior and Senior Grammar School’, in Ikorodu Lagos was not only as a result of examination tension, but also as a result of the examination venue being flooded as of the time the papers began.

The sight was an appalling one, as parents and guardians had their hearts tattooed on their sleeves, with hopes that the exam would just come to a halt for the safety of their wards.

Apparently, the canals were blocked with no proper drainage system. Thus, all the waters led to the school, which served as a dump and reservoir for the community’s overflow.

The dastardly sight brings to the fore the fundamental question on the role the government has played/ is playing to checkmate situations such as this, and where is the result for the taxpayers money and votes?

This is a call for all bodies (Government, NGOs etc) to work towards eradicating underdevelopment through active community service so that the average person can have a fighting chance at development.



Vince Carter shows how its really done


Weddings That Wowed 2018!!!

Just a day into the new year, we take a look into the weddings and concepts that would not be leaving our memories any time soon.

Kaysie and Jerry’s Wedding

kaysie and jerry(0)1473043212..jpg
Kaysie and Jerry

The Couple Kaysie Joy Omorodion and Jerry Ayo’s wedding is one that could win the Oscars any day, as the couples left the norms to settle for a beach wedding that reminds us all of the popular Hollywood movie ‘THE WEDDING PLANNER’. The feel of the waves and the sight of the sea extending over the horizon, silhouette by the setting sun tan added beauty to the occasion.

Mocheddah And Prince Bukunyi’s Wedding

Mocheddah and Bukunyi

Modupe oreoluwa Oyeniyi Ola (Mo’ Cheddah) finally got married to Bukunyi Olateru olagbegi, after keeping their relationship silent for a long time. Apparently, the couple surprised us all by taking it a notch up with a most dramatic wedding. One that will be the talk of social media enthusiast for a long time to come.

Omawumi and Tosin Yusuf

Omawumi and Tosin

Although the couple had a court wedding in 2015, their traditional wedding which took place in Omawumi’s hometown of Warri, Delta State, on January, 13, 2018 is one that created so much gist on social media as the couples left no stones turned to have an elaborate wedding which made it to the list of most sought after weddings of 2018.

Zainab Balogun and Dikko Nwachukwu

Zainab and Dikko

Okay, this is one wedding worthy of the hype! It is no news that the wedding of Zainab Balogun (TV Presenter, actress/model) and Dikko Nwachukwu (CEO JetWest Airways) was one as intimidating as they come, this is owed largely to the luxurious traditional wedding ceremony on May, 13, 2018 in Lagos, coupled with the connection that exists between the couple.

Hauwa Indimi and Mohammed Yar’Adua

Hauwa and Mohammed

Celebrated as one of the spell-bounding weddings of 2018, it is no surprise that Hauwa Indimi (Daughter of Billionaire Mohammed Indimi) and Mohammed Yar’Adua took center stage on the list of weddings that wowed 2018. The wedding ceremony which took place in Maiduguri in stages from Kamu to Wushe according to the customs and tradition of most parts of Maiduguri.

Indeed the couple, created a benchmark for future weddings to come.


Bimbo Ademoye!Nollywood’s Rising Star

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It is no news that Bimbo Ademoye is one of the hottest actresses on the Nollywood set in recent times. She is no doubt a beautiful  actress, who is taking the industry by storm. Bimbo Ademoye is  known for Kamsi (2018), Light in the Dark (2018) and Last Days.

Nominated at the 2018 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award for the Best Actress in a comedy movie category, Bimbo has proven to the world that her pedigree is a 100% innate.

Surely, The Nigerian Movie industry should be proud to have an amazing natural talent who keeps viewers glued to their sets.



How vulnerable the world we live in has turned….

This photo of a vulture waiting for a starving Sudanese girl to die was taken by Kevin Carter who later won the Pulitzer for this picture, but he lived just few months to enjoy his supposed achievement because he later got depressed and took his own life.

He was actually savoring his feat and being celebrated on major news channels and networks world wide.

His depression started when during one of such interviews (phone in program) someone phoned in and asked him what happened to the child. He replied, “I didn’t wait to find out after this shot as I had a plane to catch….”

And the person replied, “I put it to you that there were two vultures on that day. One had a camera”.

His constant thought of that statement, led to depression and his ultimate suicide.

In whatsoever we do, let humanity come first before what we can gain out of the situation.

Kevin Carter could have been alive today if only he had just picked that little girl up and taken her to the United Nation’s feeding Center where she was attempting to reach

Truth be told, We sometimes pursue fame and glory at the expense of others. If only we could re-write our wrongs then, just maybe our consciences may be redeemed.


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However busy you are, observe all these to remain healthy:-

Drink less milk in your tea. Instead, add lemon or lime juice.


In the day don’t drink more than 2 cups of coffee.

Continue reading “HEALTH HINTS!!! Must Read”


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Education is Power

The mind is a beautiful thing, complex in all ramifications; and the need to develop it is paramount, as it evolves surreptitiously.

The reading culture has been taken over by the information age, which in reality threatens the culture of paperback which is fast going into extinction.

Extinction of Reading Culture

A phenomenal question is ‘how fast the decline in reading set in’ do we attribute this feat to the information age which introduced computers and the internet, or is it just our human nature setting in?

Note meets books

One remedy remains ‘turn off the technology once a while, and turn up the life’!!!



With the high rate of first degree crimes, which has over time become a cause for concern, one wonders if the ‘DEATH PENALTY’ is a justifiable measure for curbing the incessant rise in first degree crimes.

An eight point human rights agenda was launched by Amnesty International, which is focused on Governments implementing recommendations from previous reports about human rights violations which is aimed at abolition of death sentence and as well an end to torture as a means of extracting information from suspects during interrogations. This is probably due to the fact that many countries around the world have abolished capital punishment. However, death penalty is still practiced in some countries such as China, the United States, Indonesia, Nigeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The food for thought is if the DEATH PENALTY is an extreme measure or a just cause

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POSITION: Point Guard, Shooting Guard

Barineme Dumwibe

AGE: 19

HEIGHT: 6ft 2inch

WEIGHT: 80kg

HAND SPAN: 22cm (9inch)

WINGSPAN: 6ft 5inch



40 YARD SPRINT : 7 seconds

SKILLS: Good 3 point shot, Excellent Perimeter Shooter, Amazing passer, midrange shot, lock down defender, team leader.

Official Shayo Music Video

The much anticipated Shayo video by Honeydrop storms the airwaves today.

Journey II

You tried but I know you’re tired.
Been running but now you ask why your life’s been wired
To be as tight as a stuffed flask?

I’ll tell you why and how I know.
I see the pain; I see the anger.
Like you, I once longed to glow;
Unlike you, I desire it no longer.

Hopelessness drove me
On the very Path of Perils
Upon which you now journey.
Tread softly, be wary of its tonsils.

Naturally, I could tell you
Not to make the same mistakes
I made. Such advice, from my view
Won’t save you from life’s stakes

Apologies. Do I sound pessimistic?
Do I make you feel the pointlessness
Of it all? I can’t help but be realistic
For I have lived a life fraught with stress.

by Henry Ategie


The losers of the 2019 Presidential Election is/are certainly not Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party but the many actors who turned a mere political contest to a religious war, to a family feud and regional warfare.

On the top list is former president Olusegun Obasanjo who lost his reverence as an elder statesman to a demystified political god drenching in battered rains of shame. Instead of playing the mother who should lie between her two children, he decided to turn his back on one of the children thus exposing him as a biased mother. His posts are enormously riddled with irreparable damage. In his book titled ‘My Watch’, he wrote in permanent ink how Atiku stole silly the Nigerian treasury amongst other unprintable verdicts. Atiku, however, is lucky to have these negative labels on him dropped as he walks away a clean man while Obasanjo is left to lick from his sores of inconsistency and doublespeak.

Religious leaders particularly some pastors and Imans who suspended the anointing and borrowed the oil of politics to anoint one candidate against the other are licking from the sores of their partisan stances. How would they look at their congregation next Sunday and the coming Jumaat? When you decide to dabble into politics that is not your turf, you weaken your spiritual potency. Politics is not a mystery, it is scientific. Invocation does not win elections. Our God is an impartial umpire, like in the game of football, he provides equal opportunities for every team and will never give undue advantage to anyone. We must tow the unbiased path of our Lord. Some pastors and Imams are not helping the sanctuaries of God, they are desecrating the earthly throne of God with their prejudices thus exposing celestial authorities to ridicules.

The friends who turned their friends to enemies because of an election between two Fulani sons are also on the sore losers list. I repeat, you have no right to be offended by the choice of your friends to the extent of begrudging them, that is madness, that is insecurity. Nothing in life should be taken too hard. When you spend time worrying yourself about the choices of others you suffer the disease of paranoia. I have had my person castigated, demonised and wished evil simply for my choice of who to align my inalienable right of choice! Imagine how odd the world would have been if we all align ourselves to one monolithic choice?

In the words of Vincent Unogwu, ‘Do not mock the losers,they did not lose because they are the worst.Do not praise the winners,they did not win because they are d best’. In a contest, only the lucky one takes the lead so that there can be an end to the exercise. Buhari is neither the winner nor Atiku is the loser, the people take the credit for whatever it is their choices. Ultimately, Nigeria is the winner and winning shall we continue to be winning as a nation.

Buhari won’t be seeking re-election again, time it is we drop whatever resentments we have for him and his party. Let’s not waste energy in the negatives like we did in the last four years tabulating and regurgitating the many wrongs of Buhari. This is the time to open our minds to leadership and collectively work together to move Nigeria to the next level.

Congratulations to both the Buharists and the Atikulates, you all made the contest very memorable. May your wish for the Next Level be assured and your wish of Making Nigeria work be fulfilled, in the long run, Nigeria wins. 🇳🇬

Source: Anonymous


What is the real value of the money you receive on Election Day, in order to cast your vote for a candidate?

Note that the money you receive is all you will be paid in the 4 years the candidate will be in office. He has paid you in advance for 4 years service.

365 dys x 4 yrs = 1460 days.

1. You receive #5,000 ? OK
#5,000➗1460 = N3 per day.

= That is the value of the vote you sold, over 4 years.

2. U receive #1000..?Ok, now
1000➗1460 = 68 kobo per day.

3. You receive #500..?
500 ➗1460 = 34 kobo per day

3. You receive #200 to vote..?
See 200➗1460 = 13 kobo per day..!!!

The question is how much do you value yourself..?

Is that what you are worth..?
They have bought your silence so that they and their children can live well.
Can you live on 13 kobo per day or even 68 kobo per day? Tom Tom sweet is 10 naira think twice before u decide.
God bless Nigeria.

vote wisely!!!

Spread this message as far and wide as you can,and by all possible means. Save your future generations from imminent extinction.


Source – Anonymous


Best in-game basketball dunks that will forever be on our minds

And here we were thinking we’ve seen it all